Surgiris LED surgical lights are the only lights which benefit from the innovative and patented FOCUSMATICTM technology. By combining sophisticated electronic management of the LEDs with an optical device specific to each LED, the FOCUSMATICTM technology has revolutionised the “focussing” function required for a surgical light.
The FOCUSMATICTM technology adjusts the diameter of the light field with no loss of intensity of the central illuminance, even for very large spot sizes. Thanks to this unique technology, developed by Surgiris, the central illuminance (Ec) remains constant regardless of the diameter of the light field.
The system focuses the beams of surgical light at a point 1 metre from the lighthead using an optical component mounted over the array of LEDs, plus a collimator. One of the strengths of this technology is that is has no moving parts, which improves its reliability.

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