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AIR FOR AN ACTIVE LIFE Breathe in, breathe out. We take breathing for granted. Most people don’t have to give it a thought. Now with LUISA that goes for ventilation patients too. Our innovation is especially mobile, compact and lightweight. It works in a horizontal or vertical position and can be attached flexibly to a wheelchair or a bed. AT A GLANCE BATTERY RUN TIME UP TO 18 HOURS DISPLAY 10-INCH TOUCHSCREEN POSITIONING VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL SIMPLICITY: NO ADAPTER, INTUITIVE OPERATION With a battery run time of up to 18 hours, it expands the user’s radius of action and gives the user a good feeling of additional security. It’s easy to operate LUISA via the 10-inch display. Menu navigation is particularly intuitive while other features simplify everyday use. LUISA provides air for an active and mobile lifestyle – and opens up completely new horizons for its users.

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