Laser doppler immaging

01 Overview

Early and Accurate burn assesment with laser doppler immaging

02 Details

Large area imaging is a key feature of the moorLDI2-BI. Areas up to 50cm x 50cm can be mapped in one scan (rather than a sequence that needs to be stitched together), with scan times ranging from 40 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Non contact imaging
Scan times from 40 seconds
Large assessment area of up to 50cm x 50cm
Long reach mobile stand
Results available immediately
Both large areas (full torso) and small areas (finger) can be scanned

Improved Scanning features:

Four standard language options built in: English, German, French and Chinese.
Compatibility with BurnCase 3D software – enabling you to export and overlay assessment images over the 3D frames provided by BurnCase 3D. Note: This requires you to have the BurnCase 3D software installed on your PC (RISC Software GmbH).
Improved Burn report layout – for a clearer comparison of the burn image, video picture and greyscale image.
Improved function for saving burn images for presentations – simplifies and streamlines the process of saving images for inserting into documents.
Changed laser to ‘attenuated’ low power during marking beam function to further reduce any potential optical hazard.
Updated scanning module navigation – improving the ability to move back and forward in the scanning set-up more simply.
Burn Site ‘Lund and Browder’ style Schematic implemented for easy recording of burn scan area, with multi-sites input feature to record all sites included on large area scans.
Simplified ‘calendar’ style date input field, and the ability use different date/time formats enhancing International user experience.
Three-image display mode (Flux, LD Photo and Colour Video) added to aid interpretation.
FDA 510K and CE certified.

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