01 Overview

AMNOTABLE operating tables come in a variety of different models. Whether mechanical, electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical - you will find the right model for every need.

02 Details

The different models combine a wide range of available positions as well as a high load capacity. The excellent selection of accessories completes the product range
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Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg tilt
Position for laparoscopic interventions
Chest or gall bladder surgeries (on the photo the table top is equipped with head rest segment and kidney bench is raised).
Orthopaedic attachment is made of acid proof stainless steel (optionally you can choose carbon-fibre version). It’s fixed to table top and together with table top has the possibility of height, lateral and longitudinal adjustments. Attachment enables patient’s C-arm monitoring during operation and ensures convenient access to the patient for the surgeon.

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