Medical Bees manufactures Power tools that are a complete product range to cover the indications in Orthopaedics/ Traumatology and large bone surgery:
The new beesystemII- Powertool system combines the existing advantages with an even more ergonomic design. The proven concept of the “non-sterilized” powerpack remains. This results in a longer lifetime of the powerpack, especially as the electronic and electrical components are not sterilized.
A special recognition system indicates to the Powerpack the type of handpiece used. The technical parameters are adjusted (e.g.rotation speed).
The latest Li-Ion technology stands for long service life. We have proven this in the last few years since the market launch.
All machines/accessories are manufactured in our factory in Germany and are thus “Made in Germany” in well-known brand quality with CE mark and FDA-approved.
Medical Bees produces:
Power tools drills
Oscillating saw for Power tools system
Power-tool sternum saw
Powerpacks universal

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