01 Overview

SFERAMED´S 3R technology offer a higher suture perfomance and anastomosis, Unique Linear Stapler in the market with 3 rows of staples

02 Details

SFERAMED is a young and very dynamic company that pursues perfection in every process, sale or service.

Sferamed manufactures products from general surgeries and for endo- surgeries.


  • ProEndos: Innovative endoscopic cutter stapler with full 60º angle of articulation
  • ProX-3R: Auto Linear Stapler 3R Technology
  • Curvo: Curved Cutter Stapler, Low Anterior Resection and Starr Technique
  • Circulo 3r: Circular Intraluminal Stapler 3R Technology and New Staple Formation
  • Pro-H View: Prolapse and Hemorrhoids Kit Transparent and New Staple Formation
  • Pro-H 3R: Prolapse and Hemorrhoides Kit 3R Technology and New Staple Formation
  • Corte: Linear Stapler with New Staple Formation
  • Endos: Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler
  • Tura: Trocar system kits


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