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American made RADPAD® Radiation Protection Shields & Drapes, the world leader in scatter radiation protection; dramatically reduce scatter radiation exposure to medical personnel during fluoroscopy procedures.

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Lightweight, flexible, disposable and lead-free, RADPAD® shields and drapes have been documented in more than 18 independent third party clinical studies to provide up to a 95% reduction rate in scatter radiation.

Scatter radiation has cut short many successful careers and caused multiple long-term and debilitating health problems for thousands of minimally-protected physicians. The frightening thing is, scatter radiation exposure is cumulative and can’t be reversed once it begins.

More than 15 scientifically based clinical studies have shown how RADPAD® Shields have significantly reduced scatter radiation by up to 95%. If you’re wearing an apron, thyroid collar and lead glasses, 25% of your body (radiosensitive bone marrow) is totally defenseless to scatter radiation.

Now you can take action against the threat of brain and skin cancer

with RADPAD® Protection products and start guarding your health and your career. The actions you take today can help ensure a healthier life in your retirement years.

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